…A Life Changing movie on bullying needs your support

Over a year, Saving Our Daughters has been on its mission for The Oath Campaign against bullying & suicide with many artist joining  the cause.  We wanted to take time to place this very important story below up.

The Film ‘Bully’ Needs Your Signature.Like Now

There has been much discussion on the “The Bully” movie that is due to be released.  There are few films that move me to the point where I’m like, Oh s***. I can’t believe this is happening and it’s REAL LIFE. The documentary “Bully” (out on March 30) did just that. The film centers around several teens — some alive and some not — and how they (and their families) deal with bullying in the past and present (but hopefully not the future). However, this amazing, eye-opening film may not be accessible to the people who need to see it the most — students under the age of 18.

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