What a Great evening took place on Friday April 26th at Boys & Girls Club of East Los Angeles as actress & Saving Our Daughters supporter, Shari Headley, attended a pack the house with young teen girls and boys that were part of the Club’s Dance and Drama program.
Shari concentrated on speaking to the large group of teens about: strong work ethic, perseverance, loving yourself, not being afraid to try something new, being assertive so that you don’t miss opportunities,  giving it all you’ve got, not being lazy and considering attending college or a specialized school.

SHARI 1 300x175 Actress Shari Headley speaks in East Los Angeles

Shari Headley

Also, Shari spent time speaking about the problems social media can present with teens and, if not careful, how this media tool can really damage your life and your career in any business.  Also, Shari took time to sign the special Wall of Dreams at the club, as well. (photo above)

The special event was coordinated by Executive Director of Boys & Girls Club of East Los Angeles, Anna Araujo, and Executive Director of Saving Our Daughters, Curtis Benjamin.

About The Dance Club

The idea for the Dance & Drama program was birthed in 2012 when R&B singer/actress Ms. Shanna visited the Boys & Girls Club of East Los Angeles.  She was so excited about lending her talent and support to the Club that she organized a roster of talented friends to create and teach weekly Salsa and Hip Hop Dance workshops. Each week, this the dancers made sure someone was there to instruct the group of teens.  The Dance & Drama program have been working very hard toward their upcoming culmination performance in June.

The team consists of: Shaymari, Andy Cruz, Naomi Wisely, Alley Jenkins, Gilbert Saldivar, Tye Meyers and Max Arcienega.

The team all has claims to fame.  Gilbert Sadivar dances with Madonna and J. Lo.  Shaymari dances with Mary J. Blige.  Most of the dancers have performed on various awards shows and tour with a variety of artists.

Members of the Boys and Girls Club of East Los Angeles are totally engaged and are loving every minute of the Dance & Drama Program!!