“I’d tell her; that she won’t kill herself because I have seen her future!”
~ Actress Marianne Jean-Baptiste

Marianne Jean-Baptiste, actress for many years on the popular CBS series Without A Trace, has joined the supportive efforts of other Hollywood women for the Saving Our Daughters series volumes (5 & 6)  dealing with the prevention of bullying and abuse. “We are so glad that so many women celebrities such as Ms. Jean-Baptiste are taking the time from their shooting schedules, to write down and share their personal quotes and short stories that will inspire so many of the teen girls that we work with across the country against this growing epidemic problem” said Author Curtis Benjamin.

During the summer & fall of 2011, the celebrity quotes will be used for national essay discussions. The book series will then begin working on the next volume concerning personal stories from Hollywood women giving their positive input to girls suffering from all areas of bullying.

Here is Ms. Jean-Baptiste powerful quote to a young girl who wants to give up on life, because of bullying.

“I’d tell her; that she won’t kill herself because I have seen her future! She grows up to be a beautiful, powerful woman with lots of friends. She doesn’t take herself too seriously because she was bullied at school and doesn’t mind being laughed at. She is caring and compassionate of others because she was bullied at school and hates for others to feel sadness or despair.  She is intelligent and self assured because she was bullied at school and was able to work out that bullies are weak, which is why they move in packs and they usually target someone that they either envy or who is different. She is greatly loved and cherished by people around her because she was bullied at school and figured out that by hating her bullies she was feeding their anger and hatred but by feeling a little compassion for them they actually get weaker.

I’d tell her that her future is far too bright for me to see anymore but before my vision ends; I see her as a grown woman smiling, as she tells group of young women that she is the success she is today because she survived being bullied at school. Life is a gift.”
Marianne Jean-Baptiste

Marianne Jean-Baptiste received Academy Award, Golden Globe and British Academy Award nominations for her feature film debut role in “Secrets and Lies” in 1996. Since then, she has been seen in the films “The Cell,” “28 Days,” “The 24 Hour Woman,” “Mr. Jealousy” and “Spy Games.” Her television credits include the movies “Silent Hearts,” “The Murder of Stephen Lawrence” and “The Man” and the mini-series “The Wedding.” A writer and composer, Jean-Baptiste wrote the score for Mike Leigh’s feature film “Career Girls.” She has written and performed with British jazz musicians including Jason Rebello. Jean-Baptiste was born in London. She divides her time between London and Los Angeles. Her birth date is April 26.