…Positive quotes continue from “The New Hollywood” Women’s Goal Group Inc.

Saving Our Daughters continues with our weekly goal of highlighting actresses from “The New Hollywood” Women’s Goal Group Inc. who are providing positive quotes about bully prevention. They will also be featured in the upcoming Saving Our Daughters special edition volume “Compilation of Women Thoughts” in late May. This week we have actress Andrea Gabriel from the popular Twilight Saga films, and inspirational Childrens Author Beth Navarro both sharing their thoughts.

Andrea Gabriel

“I am convinced that the effective, cruel, and sophisticated social punishment administered by young women on other young women is so universal, extreme and intense because it comes from the potentially destructive shared secret of our gender’s kryptonite. It points to the beauty of our nature, but unfortunately it can be also manipulated for darkness as easily as for light… It is the fact that we all recognize from a very early age, if only on an instinctual and unspoken level that our deeply passionate desire for love, acceptance and understanding comes from the fact that these simple ingredients can cause a woman to positively thrive.

We can succeed, prosper, and soar with the support of other women’s’ approval and recognition. Unfortunately the opposite is also true, dramatically so in young women who have not developed psychic tools and emotional resources to survive a psychic assault. Sadly, insecure women will always be threatened and try to find some degree of power in sadistically trying to cripple another’s spirit and keep other young women down. This is so painfully effective and destructive because we empathetically know all too well how to do it.

My adolescence was no exception. I understand that the seemingly endless years of pain can feel like torture and pass tediously with no relief in sight. But no one could have told me then that one-day, with the passage of time and with the gradual cultivation of my own nature and strength, that I would look around to effortlessly find myself surrounded by the beauty and generosity of other women. I would have thought that I would have to struggle for support for the rest of my life… That I would never be able to trust women completely, if at all. But the beauty of our universality is that, as if by magic, as we develop our own communication, talent, confidence, and gorgeous thumbprint on the world, we attract, miraculously, likeminded sisters. I remember the day that I found that my world had burst open like a ripe pomegranate. If my youth had seemed to take forever, then my world had now doubled in blessings overnight. It was suddenly abundantly and vividly overflowing with amazing women, an entire gender of people who were on my side and, as it turned out, had been looking for me all along as I had been looking for them. And I promise you, the reception and homecoming is glorious, and even sweeter for what I had to go through to get here.

As you go through this difficult time, know that your circle will grow exponentially as you focus on your own spirit and keep your attentions off the misguided and misdirected behaviors of those women who are not your people. Know that they are only giving you a wonderful opportunity to develop your own strength and potential and one day you will soar with more ease and friendship than you would have had you never gone through what you are going through right now. Be brave. And believe with all your heart in the perfect unfolding and inevitable power and glory of your own unique and beautiful story.”

~Andrea Gabriel
Actress; LOST, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn
Member of The New Hollywood

Beth Navarro

“When I was kid, I wish I believed in myself. I wish I didn’t let what other people said or did define who I was. I wish I knew that I was a beautiful, strong, smart and talented girl no matter what anyone said. Belief in yourself is everything.”

~Beth Navarro
Writer and Actress
Author of childrens books: Kiko the Hawaiian Wave and Grambo
Member of “The New Hollywood” women’s goal group