Benjamin is back and has teamed up with even more public figures from Tyler Perry Studios for Volume 2 , Volume 3 and the special edition.

“Saving Our Daughters” Vol. 2 addresses the concern of superiority and inferiority surrounding skin color amongst girls. Benjamin reached out to key figures within the African -American community to help address the issue. Interviews inside of the book include popular males such as: Idris Elba (“Daddy’s Little Girls”, “The Wire”), Rockmond Dunbar (“Soul Food”, “The Family That Preys”), and Columbus Short (“Stomp The Yard”, “This Christmas”) to name a few.

During the most vital time of a teenager’s growth, here comes Saving Our Daughters for a third time. Charmed from A Man’s Point Of View as letters from televisions’ most supportive fathers, and film industry’s extraordinarily Executive Producers, such as Roger Bobb of Tyler Perry Studios and Will Packer & Rob Hardy of Rainforest Films express words these teen moms may have never heard before.

In the Special Edition, teen girls are the center of the universe and a large part of our future generation. It is only right that we guide them in the right direction. The direction of self-respect, self worth, self-sufficiency, etc… What better way to do this then to have a compilation of To Whom It May Concern Letters from all 3 volumes which now will involve eating disorders with teen girls and the affect on self-esteem.