As the new school year is around the corner and many teens are getting back into their school year routines, bullying has already surfaced its ugly head back at alarming rates. “One of our parents has already taken her daughter out of school because of this epidemic,” said Curtis Benjamin, Chief Executive Director of Saving Our Daughter

Ms. Sydney Davis is the mother of both remarkable daughters and actresses Dee Dee (who has just been named Teen Ambassador for Saving Our Daughters) and Aree (starred on the popular Disney Picture film “Haunted Mansion” opposite Eddie Murphy). As a powerful family unit, they are now kicking off the national “Oath Project” on Facebook.  “We are excited about this initiative to help fight this abuse with our teens that face these issues of cyber-bullying & texting,” said Sydney ”We are trying to reach over first 1000 individuals who will sign the oath by September.”

“It’s exciting to see that my lil’ Sister is growing in a way that she’s being a beacon of light to others. I’ve watched you GROW from my lil’ baby into this wonderful human being with a great Spirit. It is an honor to see you move in a away that it’s pleasing to GOD. YOU ARE AN AWESOME SISTER, and I thank (Curt B) “Saving Our Daughters” for choosing you as Teen Ambassador for this GREAT cause. In the cookies of life Dee Dee, you are the chocolate chips. LOVE YOU ALWAYS!!”


“The Oath Project” (developed by community strategist and Saving Our Daughters COO, Tavia Pauling) will include national partnerships with the Boys & Girls Club of America and the YWCA USA to combine efforts on an online initiative designed to mobilize over 50,000 teen activists and 250,000 adults pledging to be informed and take right action to prevent bullying in their lives and their neighborhoods.