Keke Palmer Kiss 10229589321a horz Donate to the Oath ProjectDo you believe that mobilizing thousands of youth and their families will help communities prevent bullying and abuse tragedies?

There is a lot of work to be done in our communities.  We need YOUR support!

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Individual Donor Gifts
Thank you for your interest in protecting youth by supporting Saving Our Daughters the Oath Project.  Your monetary gift is a tax-deductible donation.  The following are a few examples of the value of your gift at work for youth to take action against bullying and abuse with Keke and the Oath:

Oath event rallies, online youth forums (video chats, virtual events, tech projects)
hosted by Oath Project spokeswoman Keke Palmer

Individual, neighborhood, & school teen action supply kits

Social entrepreneurship seed gifts & incentives

Group & community engagement activities

Youth mediation & leadership workshops and retreats

Want to do more? Consider a recurring donation or multiply your gift by asking
your employer if they may provide a matching gift

Saving Our Daughters always welcomes a chance to build new corporate and foundation relationships to advance our mission of taking the power away from bullying, abuse, and other esteem slayers. We seek help in delivering initiatives that engage families locally, nationally, and globally.  Please email or call the Message Center at 866.437.5770.

More Information

To make a donation by mail, or to discuss planned giving and bequests, please or call the Message Center at 866.437.5770.