…Let the Fun & Games Begin

May 1, 2012—Atlanta, GA— Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club is very excited to announce their new alliance with Saving our Daughters’ Oath Project bullying prevention campaign.  After meeting with Curtis Benjamin, founder of Saving our Daughters, we quickly realized the incredible opportunities existing in working with this nonprofit organization.  Not only is this a necessary cause, but also an opportunity to build adolescents self-esteem following the victimization and cruel acts of bullying.

This alliance supports Foxhall’s corporate responsibility mission and is best articulated by Harrison Merrill, Sr., sole proprietor of Foxhall, “We are not just a resort but a place for families and children to come together and share their love of the outdoors by bonding through different activities such as shooting, archery, kayaking, fishing and many other family activities”.

About Foxhall and the Corporate Responsibility Mission

Foxhall creates an experience resulting in individuals not only feeling proud of what they have learned but also spending quality time with their families in an outdoor venue unlike any other.  We believe in combining the joy and well-being of kids and families in our endeavors and in empowering kids, parents, staff and communities to make enduring changes in the world.

Foxhall, proudly located in Douglasville, GA, only 25 minutes southwest of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, offers kids of all ages a unique opportunity to free themselves from the world of media and technology, and replace it with the beauty of 1,100 acres filled with a broad span of outdoor fun.  Saving Our Daughters’ Oath Project is the perfect fit with both creating awareness of this very serious problem as well as offering a chance for kids to be part of something greater than what is perceived to be the “popular” sport of choice.

About Saving Our Daughters

The 501c-3 Saving Our Daughters organization creates the tools to get teens to take power away from bullying, (cyber, gossip, face-to-face and other esteem slayers.  The organization teams up with phenomenal supporters as well as talented allies from film, television, and music to expand upon more than a decade of youth mentoring, experiential learning, and empowerment initiatives.  Along with its fervent network of doers, Saving Our Daughters delivers a revolutionary level of awareness and action to stop bullying and abuse and to inspire all youth and their families to “Take the Oath” and take action!