…Actor & Philanthropist,  Larramie “Doc” Shaw and his Foundation will partner with the Oath Project

“Overall we want to encourage students to know their rights and responsibilities are as human beings. We work with students, parents, and communities that support and empowering students to find their gifts, beat the odds and stay in school.”  Tammie Shaw, Co-Founder Fresh Dreams Foundation.

About The Fresh Dreams Foundation: Founded by Larramie “Doc” Shaw and his mother Tammie Shaw, the Fresh Dreams Foundation provides support to at-risk students and high school dropouts and works to campaign against bullying. The Founders have worked tirelessly with the youth and community for decades.  Out of this passion was born the Foundation to encourage young people to stay in school, change their attitudes from negative to positive, and reward them for their hard-work both on and off the field through sports and academics.

Currently, more than 1.2 million children are dropping out of school each year and one out of every 10 students drop out due to bullying.  The Foundation believes that it’s imperative that we help parents connect with their children, whether their child is the one being bullied or even worse, if their child is the bully. As a result Fresh Dreams is focusing on improving the self-esteem of all kids to promote positive behaviors, which will lead to successful futures.
Doc is fully aware of having a single parent household and how the workload can be over baring at times. Studies have shown continuously the devastating impact that may tarnish a child’s self-esteem.  Doc’s father died when he was two years old in an unfortunate car accident. His mother didn’t have time to prepare to be the sole provider of their home.  Doc and his mother truly understand the struggles of single parent families, especially when the kids are being bullied.  Many of these single parent families face hard challenges with their children being labeled as “AT RISK” students. These students tend to be those who are on the edge of dropping out of school.
Doc and his mom have founded the Fresh Dreams Foundation aimed to helping children of single parent households and low-income families. Each family will take part in recreational and educational opportunities. Doc believes that every teenager should have a high school diploma or high school equivalency.   The Foundation will help with tutoring sessions for “At Risk” students, academic counseling, providing latest statistics based on consequences after dropout, bullying information, providing school supplies, toy drives for holidays, and sponsoring basketball camps for teenagers in Georgia and Mississippi.
The Tammie and Doc Shaw’s Fresh Dreams Foundation Inc. was formed on March 17, 2009. This is a 501(c)(3) Tax-exempt Organization with an EIN (Tax ID) 264758185.  Please mail all inquiries to: 2900 Delk Road Ste 700 PMB 230, Marietta, GA 30067

About Doc:  Larramie “Doc” Shaw is professional actor and has been acting for 10 years.  He has performed starring roles in two of Disney Channel’s Sitcoms, as Marcus Little in “The Suite Life on Deck”on Disney and King Boomer in “Pair of Kings”on Disney XD’s Comedy Show. His starring role as Malik Payne in Tyler Perry’s #1 Hit family comedy show “House of Payne”, won him a Young Artist Award in 2009 for best supporting performance in a TV series.  He was also a presenter at the 39th NAACP Image Awards ceremony in 2008.  In 2009, he received the NAACP Image Award nomination and the 2009 NAMIC Vision Award for Best Performance in a comedy.  On August 24, 2012, he starred in Warner Bros. Entertainment’s Premiere presentation of NBA superstar Kevin Durant’s movie “THUNDERSTRUCK”.
Doc Shaw was born Larramie Shaw to Larry and Tammie Shaw on the 24th of April 1992 in Atlanta, Georgia, an only child. At an early age Doc’s grandparents noticed a special gift in him and nick-named him “Doc.” Both of them were educators and often spoke that great things were going to come upon his life. Doc’s dad then sparked a modeling career for him, because both he and Doc liked to dress well and be groomed. Doc moved through the modeling industry fast, and began appearing in print ads for Parisian, Upton’s, Rich’s, Service Merchandise, Atlanta Magazine, and Robinson May.
A tragic car accident in 1994 would take his father’s life, but would leave Doc to survive the accident. Years later at the tender age of six, Doc sat down with his mother and said, “Mom I was left here for a reason, the words was spoken on my life and I have unfinished work to do. I want to continue my career so please find me an agent”.   Never one to miss a beat, his mother found an agent, became his manager and the rest is history.

Doc will join with Keke’s efforts to launch an anti- bullying campaign in 2012

Starting in October, Larramie “Doc” Shaw will help address issues of the organizations’ National Oath Project initiative against bullying, by working with the Boys Girls Club of America in 2012-2013.

Doc will also support the efforts of the “Oath Project’s” ambassador, actress Lauren Keyana “Keke” Palmer, who launched the program in September of 2011 across the country. Doc and Keke have participated in the charity’s annual Bratz toy doll drive in past years. “To have a young man that has been with the organization since 15 years of age; it’s such a Blessing as we look forward to having Doc inspire so many other young men with our organization as well,” stated Executive Director Curtis Benjamin.