Saving Our Daughters, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, drives a celebrity-inspired book series and community activism relevant to teen girls. Since 2003, Saving Our Daughters’ themes have drawn from life issues and popular films. This summer, women celebrities have stepped up full force to be proactive in the upcoming school year and strengthen Saving Our Daughters’ efforts to prevent bullying, esteem slayers, and the vicious effects on young teen girls. Most recently, positive women representing television drama series such as Marianne Jean-Baptiste, from Without a Trace and Eva La Rue of CSI: Miami gave their personal views and concerns on how to overcome the threats of bullying and suicide.

And now, the young and talented Ms. Hannah Hodson, who plays Camille Hawthorne (daughter of Christina Hawthorne played by the powerful Jada Pinkett-Smith) in TNT’s medical series HawthoRNe, will dial in on the controversial subject of bullying with her own personal insights.

“When I was younger, girls at school would tease me about my frizzy hair, the color of my skin, my bushy eyebrows and my big personality…” states Hannah in her opening message to young girls.

Many of the women celebrities’ personal quotes and short stories will be utilized in Saving Our Daughters’ national initiative, the Power of Words & Actions. These celebrity perspectives and subsequent teen essay discussions will be placed in the 7th installment of the Saving Our Daughters Book Series Volume.

Hannah’s special personal message to young girls on bullying & abuse:

“When I was younger girls at school would tease me about my frizzy hair, the color of my skin, my bushy eyebrows and my big personality. I cried. I begged my mother to let me straighten my hair. Even once I shaved my eyebrows off. But eventually, what made me different is what
made me special and set me apart from the crowd. 
These days big hair is all the rage. Bushy eyebrows are chic and my big personality drove me to do big things. It truly does get better, and those of us who endure bullying at a young age turn out to be those of us who change the world. So be weird, be loud, be different, be proud. One day you’ll be on top.”


~ Actress Hannah Hodson


Hannah Hodson, born in San Francisco in 1991, moved to Brooklyn at the age of two. She got her start in a Nike Air Jordan commercial directed by Spike Lee. She was then cast Lee’s short film “Jesus Children of America,” which premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2005. She also starred in the TNT film special “The Ron Clark Story” as Shameika, for which she received a Young Artist’s Award in 2007. She currently plays the role of Camille on TNT’s medical drama “HawthoRNe.” Hannah now attends Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts where she studies theater and political science.