We are crazy excited about the growing number of supporters for the “Oath Project” with Keke Palmer. There is still so much progress to make in preventing the tragedies and acts of abuse against teens. So during this holiday season, Saving Our Daughters is presenting a national social media “post” contest to further the message and action of the Oath Project.

The contest, entitled “Put a Stop to Bullying Now!” gives youth the opportunity to write their personal plan on how they will make a difference and TAKE POSITIVE ACTION NOW!!

Teens between 13 – 18 may enter by submitting a powerful but brief message (320 characters or less) on how they will prevent bullying in their school or community. It is their choice on whether the action will focus on a particular type of bullying prevention (ex: cyber) or all bullying in general. The deadline to submit online entry is Tuesday, December 20th .

Stay tuned for details and rules to be posted on Saving Our Daughters’ facebook page during the holiday season.