…“Married to Medicine” Mastermind Mariah Huq Takes On and Teams Up With Other Moms of Daughters From Saving Our Daughters

As the list continues to grow with many of the most popular & most outspoken women from the popular shows on reality television networks, such as Real Housewives of Atlanta, The Braxtons, Love & Hip-Hop and R&B Divas — now Married to Medicine’s Ms. Mariah Huq will support the efforts of many young women that have powerful & inspirational stories as moms from the Saving Our Daughters charity.

As Mariah has a strong and interesting story on the show of Married to Medicine, she also has a history of giving, and when she’s not busy in the states, Mariah and her family enjoy work at the family foundation in Bangladesh.

Mariah Large NIK 3616 300x199 Mariah Huq Teams Up With Other MomsMariah will spend some time this summer with some of the mothers of the organization’s cause of Yell Confidence, which will focus on raising daughters as single mothers from domestic abuse & sexual abuse situations, or who may be in new relationships that involve their daughters.

The discussion group will be held at the organization’s sponsored location at TGI Friday’s Lunch N Learn sites in Atlanta, Georgia.

Let’s take a look at our Mariah Huq

From her early days as a television host at a local Tennessee news station, Mariah knew that to effectively tell a story, it needs be sold to the right audience. Well, as founder and CEO of Mariah Media Group and the mastermind behind Married to Medicine, she certainly has the chops to do both.

As a busy mother of two, Mariah embodies the dedicated soccer mom — but with a sassy twist. Known to paint the field red by strutting in her Louboutins, this sophisticated woman does everything with panache – including running her daughter’s Girl Scout troop.

And to top it off, Mariah is Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Jewel and Jem, the children’s décor company she runs with her sister Lake.  Spearheading marketing efforts for the launch of the brand into Macy’s department stores, she combines creativity with a keen business sense.

Her unique touch knows no bounds. Enjoying an interracial marriage to Dr. Aydin Huq, a native of Bangladesh, she experiences all that life has to offer while staying true to her own heritage. When she’s not busy in the states, Mariah and her family enjoy work at the family foundation in Bangladesh. They assist with the foundation’s orphanage and boarding school, and are currently working on building a hospital in name of her late father-in-law.