….  When I was younger, I definitely felt different

We continue to highlight the phenomenal quotes from the women of The New Hollywood”, Women’s Goal Group Inc. that will be featured in the book of quotes preventing bullying due to be release this summer.

Nikki Bilderback

“When I was younger, I definitely felt different b/c I was a different ethnicity than most the kids at my school. I was only 1 of 2 Asian Americans in elementary school. There were a lot more ethnic diversities once I reached middle school and high school, but it certainly made an imprint on my childhood as I didn’t always embrace feeling different or how kids would point out to me that I didn’t look like them or anyone in my family b/c I was adopted.

As I grew older, I discovered just how special it was to be and look different. When anyone bullies or makes fun of you for any reason, it’s b/c they themselves feel insecure or find you to be a threat to them in some way, shape or form. Always remember this if/when it happens to you. And know that another person who bullies, is feeling insecure and doesn’t feel good about themselves, therefore they feel the need to put the attention onto others because they feel that low on the inside about themselves. Bullying is an act of cowardness and an extension of fear. The best way to combat a situation when bullying happens to you is to show that person what they are lacking…..and that’s self-love and kindness. Instead of being as low as a bully feels, SHOW them just how wonderful YOU are by BEING WHO YOU ARE. Be love and kindness towards others always. Show them what they’re not being towards you. After all, you never need to stoop down to a bully’s level. You are better than that! And YOU rise above it by remaining true to all the love in your heart. Trust your inner strength and believe in yourself. When you do this, you are being BRAVE enough to not succumb to a bully’s level of fear. You are COURAGE by being the example of what self-confidence and self-love is. If you don’t allow for bullies to change the way you feel on the inside, then they can’t ever really harm you. And remember: A bully just wants attention, so if you don’t engage in the way that they’re seeking, then it no longer becomes interesting to them.

The 2 most powerful and effective insights I realized through my experiences and what I still live by to this day, are:

‘Be the change that you wish to experience.’
‘Why would I want to blend in, when I was born to stand out?’

A bully is a sad excuse for being afraid to be brave enough to express the fear and insecurity that engulfs them on the inside. Bullying is an act of cowardness. If you are a bully’s subject, then be brave enough to show them respect, integrity, kindness and beauty that they themselves lack. You already are all these things. You already are what a bully wishes to be. That’s why you are chosen. This is what makes you stronger and stands out from all the rest!”

Nikki Bilderback
Actress. Writer. Dancer. Creator.
Member of “The New Hollywood”