As Keke Palmer continues to make her indelible mark as one of the most inspirational young artist of our times, she continues to work on her new album as well as major films projects.

Palmer has two films complete and ready to hit theaters in 2012, the first scheduled to be released on January 13th , JOYFUL NOISE , Palmer stars alongside Oscar Nominated Actress Queen Latifah and the legendary Dolly Parton.

Currently, she is wrapping up her 1st Single off Interscope Records, signed by Chairman Jimmy Iovine , her album will be a coming of age memoir for young adults everywhere. She is not the little eleven year old we all fell in love with in Akeelah and The Bee, at the age of eighteen she is a stunningly beautiful young woman all grown up! Palmer wants her music and her career to have purpose, she is a firm believer that, ” with much comes much responsibility”, so yes “make commercial music,” yet at the same time ” use your celebrity status to actually say something, or do something that helps someone less fortunate”, a message she learned from her parents Dad Larry, a Catholic Deacon, and Mom Sharon, a school teacher.Being a humanitarian is nothing new to Palmer, dating back to her critically acclaimed performance as Akeelah Anderson, she has always been associated with organizations that work to bring awareness and social change to improvised communities throughout the world. Palmer’s first single, SHOW ME, is very commercial and would fit in any radio format across the country, however, the song has a deeper meaning than one might think upon hearing it for the first time. Yes it does have the typical ” boy meets girl” theme in the verses, yet in the chorus it delivers a more powerful message that all people young and old, man or woman should prescribe to: SELF RESPECT: ” Show me what you are about because talk is cheap, actions speak louder than words, and you had better respect me because I respect myself, ” is the universal theme of the song and the reason why Palmer chose to record it!
Palmer has no plans to slow down, she will continue her humanitarian work all over the world, as well as spread her message of self respect, self love, and enjoying yourself through her music. And, just recently her management just announced that she is dedicating her 1st Single to a very special young lady who at the age twelve recently loss her battle with cancer, Lil Iliss Marie. According to her father, Curtis Benjamin, Lil Iliss’s favorite artists were Keke Palmer and Uncle T.I., Palmer had the opportunity to speak with Lil Iliss just before her passing, she was so touched by the conversation, realizing that this little girl really looked up to her and was losing her battle against cancer was surreal, it was a very humbling experience, a light bulb went off for Palmer, ” this is serious, people are watching me, looking at me for inspiration, wow, I had better get this right”.

Below is the special management letter presented to Illis’ Family:

Curtis Benjamin
Saving Our Daughters
July 22nd 2011
RE: Keke Palmer
Dear Mr. Benjamin,
On behalf of our client Interscope recording artist Keke Palmer, please accept our deepest condolences for your recent lost. You and your family are in our prayers.

During our most recent planning meeting, with the Palmer Family, I learned that Keke had developed a special relationship with your daughter while working with your charity in Atlanta beginning over 5 years ago. Her mother, Sharon Palmer, went on to say that your organization is one that she continues to encourage, Keke to support. Sound Management, and the approval of Interscope Records, would humbly like to request the opportunity to dedicate one of Keke’s music videos in the memory of your daughter.

Please know that Keke and the Palmer family will continue to help support your ongoing organizational efforts. Keke always speaks so highly of your daughter, and even though she was a huge Keke fan, her battle for life inspired and continues to inspire Keke beyond words.

Kindest Regards,

Robert Hayes
Sound Management

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