…Ms. Windi Washington CEO of Maxi Wade Agency in Los Angeles leads by Example

Many of our board trustee responsibilities as mentors of Saving Our Daughters, might be unusual duties & task of a board member considered by many other non-profits.  So I guess, this is what makes Saving Our Daughters so unique on working with many of the elite artists’ across the country. The mentor board trustees of the organization consists of many powerful women representing the Entertainment world in music, radio, film & television and national television networks such as VH1 and MTV.

This is why Windi Washington the Founder of Maxi Wade Agency who recently joined the board fall of 2012, has not rested since she joined and has included the organization initiatives to be an important part of her working day for her company as well.

As Windi states, “I feel being part of a board that has the capability of touching and changing so many of our younger women lives; as I too had to overcome many challenges in my life, its my duty to be there for these women and courage my contacts in the industry to be part of our mission.”

To date, Windi has enlisted her client reality personality, Mimi Faust of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta as well as endorsed most recently, first American solo female rapper who gained fame,  MC Lyte, and good friend of Real Housewives of Atlanta and NBC’s New Normal, Ms. Nene Leakes (who has been a huge fundraiser for the organization for its initiatives since 2012) and to represent the new Yell Confidence Initiative against violence against women and date abuse for 2013.

Thank you Windi for helping us change the lives of women across the world!!

About our Windi Washington

Windi Washington a Los Angeles, California native originally started her film & television career as an aspiring actress in her late-teens. Overtime, she gained entertainment experience and discovered that she also had a niche to work behind the scenes becoming known as a visionary for her creative marketing ability to push any project to the next level.

Windi developed an eye for talent and a taste for initiating cross-relationships between the entertainment industry and corporate sector. She has worked for reputable entertainment companies such as Paramount Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox Film, Creative Artist Agency, Vanity Fair Magazine and  American Express Brokerage. She earned film & television credits for “Salmonberries” (1991) as a production auditor and booked featured roles in Live Shot (1995), Weird Science (1995), In the House (1995), Money Train (1995) and Up Close & Personal (1996). While going out on acting auditions she started a small business called Maxi Wade Agency to consult, produce events, market & promote entertainment brands in 1996.

Windi is a graduate from National University in La Jolla, California earning her Bachelor in Business Administration degree in 1998 during her position at Vanity Fair Magazine in Los Angeles, she accepted a position at American Express Brokerage she couldn’t refuse in 1998. Working at AMEX, she pursued her Master in Business Administration degree online at the University of Phoenix and studied at the Atlantic Theatre Company Acting School (Summer Intensive)in 2001.  Unfortunately her outlook to continue working at AMEX came to a halt by the devastating tragedy on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 leaving her without any doubt to return back to the entertainment industry.

Relocating to Atlanta, Georgia in 2002 ironically a year later after the tragedy, she incorporated Maxi Wade Agency in October 2002 and held an audition to locate the best 30 out of 300 models to represent the agency’s brand.  Windi quoted that, “Maxi Wade Agency will be very selective about the talent we represent. Having a small roaster of talent & models will enable me to give them individualized attention to manage and develop their careers. My ultimate goal is to push them to national markets for greater exposure.” This was the beginning of a new era for marking MWA as the first African-American owned agency to partner with Model Network, Inc. located in New York City.

Maxi Wade Agency’s talent & models were known nationally in recognized music videos, events hosted by major names such as Chris Webber, Shaquille O’Neal, Lloyd Boston, Ford Motor Company, Bronner Bros., AmericasMart Atlanta, Vanguarde Media, Maybelline and Fuctis Garnier. Within months they were featured in advertisements and national magazines such as Bank of America, Upscale, Vibe, Source and XXL just to name a few. It was evident that Windi made her presence known again and beyond the borders of Georgia. Shortly thereafter, she completed her MBA from the University of Phoenix in July 2004. After completing her education and repositioning herself into the entertainment industry, she relocated home to Los Angeles in 2008 to advance her career in film & television. She continues to maintain her professional relationships in Atlanta, Georgia and ambitious as ever to create new goals and experiences in Los Angeles.

Windi owns her title CEO and Founder of Maxi Wade Agency, LLC. Her title may be consisted of two words, but in her entrepreneurial journey she has reactivated her acting career and acquired a new title as producer. She herself is represented by Everett Johnson at William Morris Endeavor, an executive member at Women In Film, member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, member of the Screen Actors Guild & American Federation Television and Radio Arts, and a Board Trustee of Saving Our Daughters; while attending the Academy of Art University pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree in Motion Pictures & Television to seal their credibility and reputation in arts beside her name.