…DJ Nina 9 will use her powerful influence on radio to inspire girls across the country( seen with the King of the South T.I.)

DJ Nina 9 has been a powerful voice in Hip-Hop on the national radio airways for quite some time, as she is recognized as one of the most elite DJ’s in the music arena and has worked in the industry now for more than 12 years.

Saving Our Daughters’ has been searching for a young lady in the radio arena for a while  and DJ Nina 9 definitely fits the bill, as she will step right in and be one of the music leaders and help participate in some of  the new programs such as the “Yell for Confidence” (Youth Empowered Learning & Leadership); which will be held at selected community partners’ sites at Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club of the Bronx, (Jennifer Lopez and T.I.’s adopted club) East La Boys Girls Clubs in Los Angeles and Boys & Girls Club of Metro Atlanta.

Nina also will be one of the Saving Our Daughters selections as a Honorary Trustee Board Member and help support the charity’s’ donation drives in 2012-2013. Nina will be joining a phenomenal list of trustees’ such as celebrity photographers’, Derek and Eric Blanks, Ms. Gwen Priestley who has represented artists; Gloria Estefan, Tupac Shakur, and Vanessa Williams and most resent producer & executive VP for multi platinum entertainer Master P., and VH1 VP of Publicity, Nyle Washington.


The First Lady of Hip-Hop Nation is a mix of guns and roses. You can find Radio Personality & DJ, Nina 9 holding it down on Sirius XM 44, and Dish Network 6044. When it comes to her radio show, Nina is known to be a straight shooter. She holds no punches and brings Hip-Hop to the world uncensored and raw.

Nina 9 is a native of the DC Metropolitan area but is now currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. She has been in radio for twelve years and her career came as a surprise even to her. While in school for computer programming and working at a video game store, Nina was asked to be a guest on the former XM Radio show, “The Original Gamers”. She was and still is one of few women who really plays, understands and studies the world of video games. However, after becoming a regular on the show, she realized that she had been bitten by the radio bug. Armed with her experience and her love of hip-hop, Nina pursued her own radio segment on XM Radio. She started out on the XM satellite radio channel 66 RAW; after a few years she then decided to move up one channel to 67 The City. After a merging of the only two satellite radio companies in the world — Sirius & XM, her home is now on Sirius XM’s channel 44, Hip-Hop Nation. You will find Nina broadcasting there live Monday through Friday from 12pm-5pm.

What makes Nina qualified to tote the slang name for a glock? She earned the name Nina 9 for her love of guns. The daughter of a military dad, Nina learned from childhood to appreciate the craftsmanship and power of guns. When she’s not on the air or at the shooting range, this lady doesn’t rest. She is the founder of sister group of the Core DJ’s—The Allegiance—which is a somewhat exclusive group of women across all aspects of the music and entertainment industry. And in her “spare time”, Nina is training to compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). She is an expert in Kenpo Karate, Tae Kwon Do and is currently training in Muay Thai to prepare for the challenge. But, don’t get it twisted! Nina 9 is still a femme fatal. Like most women, she has a serious shoe fetish for everything from sneakers to high heels.

Ok! But you still need to know what makes this woman qualified to be in the middle of the largest movement of our time. A music which has created a lifestyle that has taken over the world. An industry that some still may argue is dead or dying. Nina 9 earned her keep as a connoisseur of Hip-Hop. From the time she was 12 she was digging up underground mix tapes from various DJ’s and artists from AZ, Nas, 50 Cent, D-Block, Desert Storm, and many others. Her grind, love of the music, and lifestyle of Hip-Hop keeps her on top of her game.

Now, you can find Nina at various industry events like the Grammy Awards and NBA All-Star Weekend DJing and Hosting parties. Whatever you do, don’t turn you back or close your eyes because you just may miss Nina 9 as she shoots past you headed straight to the top of the industry.