…Jordan Antonia, Naturi Naughton, Jazmine Richards and Shenell Edmonds speak of personal experiences about battling low self-esteem in girls

These young stars of tomorrow are taking a lead in the fight against bullying. They are lending their powerful words and voices to the cause in the new Saving Our Daughters book of quotes & short stories “Compilation of Women Thoughts” slated to be available by May 25th in time for the Memorial Day weekend.

Talented young singer Jordan Antonia brings her inspirational music about being a teenager in this day & age to inspire other young girls. She not just becoming the next Aaliyah, Brandy, or a Monica; she has her own Foundation called “Girls like Me.”  Her desire is to do more than just give a voice to the girls she hopes embrace her music. As her organization mission states: the goal and focus “is to empower girls, ages 9-18, helping them understand their value, realize their full potential and triumph over their circumstance.” Jordan and the other young women will be joining National Spokeswoman Debbi Morgan for Saving Our Daughters in speaking with young girls who are also suffering from bullying and domestic abuse all across the country.

“I don’t believe that you have to wait to become a successful before you can make a difference in other people’s lives. It is about having the desire, the commitment and creating the opportunity.”

~ Jordan Antonia

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You may have seen Naturi Naughton’s talent in films such as Fame, Notorious and Lottery Ticket. Now Naturi Naughton will be lending her gifts to help empower girls with uplifting words of encouragement against bullying.

“You really can’t let other people determine your happiness. You can fight back those ‘haters’ by being greater than they ever expected you to be.”

~ Naturi Naughton

Actress Jazmine Richards, from Disney’s Camp Rock & Camp Rock 2, has also joined this powerful group of teen stars standing up against bullying abuse and is placing her talents to writing a passage on her personal fight with this epidemic affecting our teens.

“Growing up I was bullied a lot, even at 20 I’ve been bullied, I’d like to say that it does get better and in some cases it might, but there are still bullies out there who carry it until they’re adults.”

~ Jasmine Richards

Our final young talented actress comes from the soap opera One to Live. Ms. Shennell Edmonds, who actually played out a very dramatic role with her co-star in a episode against a suicide concerning bullying, decided to join the ranks to help build up self-esteem with her peers.

“Being teased is no joke, but being able to brush it off and keep going makes you the best person you can be. Just because you’re being teased doesn’t mean your life is invaluable.”

~ Shenell Edmonds