Saving Our Daughters launches Behind The Scenes of Careers in Film, Television, Theatre & Sports

Under the umbrella organization, Saving Our Daughters (SOD), exists a branch of programming specific to developing key skills. This branch is named Saving Our Cinderella’s, and was co-founded with entertainment trailblazer, Keke Palmer. Within the scope of this program, participants build positive peer relationships, while strengthening self-esteem through three sub programs that address the mission pillars of mentorship, literacy, and arts & culture.

Within the Mentoring Program, SOD will now engage participants with hands-on learning about the behind the scenes of film, television, theatre and now sports,

additionally providing quarterly coaching sessions from industry professionals.

Currently, SOD has selected incredible industry professionals, who will serve as Celebrity Godparents, or mentors, to our Cinderella’s in middle school & high schools. A few of our selected celebrities will include Camryn Justice, sports reporter at ABC affiliate News 5 Cleveland, who covers local sports at every level, serving specifically as the stationโ€™s Browns beat reporter.

Remi Murrey is an Emmy-nominated news reporter at WEWS in Cleveland. Originally from Detroit, Remi knew at a young age she would pursue a career in broadcast journalism, so she went after her dream. In 2018, she graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor with a degree in Communications Studies.

During the program, participants not only explore and strengthen career skills, but SOD will also provide an expressive outlet to which they can channel negative social experiences and utilize it to build self-esteem.

SOD aims to facilitate the following:

  • Foster resilience and empowerment
    • Teach transferable skills: SOD will create lessons by utilizing industry professionals as mentors. The professionals serve as a resource as they share their career experiences, and advice with eager participants
  • Polish career skills and professional etiquette
    • Provide exposure to diverse opportunities in the television, film, theater and sports career spaces.
    • Provide volunteer opportunities: In partnership with community organizers, associated with SOD, participants will be given the opportunity to showcase newfound skills while developing an appreciation for volunteer work in their communities.

In addition to the quarterly mentoring sessions in careers, participants will also have an opportunity to share experiences with other peers and practice introspective social skills such as mindfulness, empathy, and respect via โ€œtalk backโ€ sessions that are also hosted by the Celebrity Godparent mentors.

To formalize and track, Saving Our Daughters will execute the following:

  • Intentionally select the Celebrity Godparents within the television news areas focusing on sports, news reporting and journalism.
  • Coordinate the quarterly mentoring sessions, including transportation for Richmond Heights Middle School participants (as predetermined by program needs).
  • Saving Our Daughters will provide materials needed for theme/topics during the television sessions.