Little Cinderella Reporters Initiative

Branching from the umbrella organization, Saving Our Daughters, exists a branch of programming specific to developing key skills targeting career development and peer-to-peer relationships, catering to participants we serve across the country.

The Cinderellas branch of programming has launched a new opportunity for elementary age girls named the Little Cinderella Reporters Initiative. In partnership with our WABC-TV community partners in New York (a Disney Company), participants ranging from 3rd to 5th grade will now be able to take advantage of a unique opportunity in media!

Within the scope of this initiative girls of diverse backgrounds strengthen interviewing and research skills with their selected Disney Celebrity Godparents while also building self-esteem, literacy, and social skills.

During this program, Saving Our Daughters’ will also address the need for data on how adolescent’s mental wellness may be positively affected by mentorship. Additionally, the program aims to highlight great representation in media & technology for girls we serve in our designated regions across the country.

On an average basis, it has been found that young girls experience more challenges regarding bullying from their peers on social media than their male counterparts and this is especially true for girls of color as they navigate adolescence at the intersections of peer pressure, self-esteem, gender roles and identity, and racial identity and representation.

Through the Little Cinderella Reporters Initiative, girls are provided monthly sessions of 30–60 minute Q&A interviews sessions. They’ll learn how to formulate an insightful interview with industry professionals, allowing girls to explore and strengthen skill sets related to journalism. In the spirit of participatory skills, they have the opportunity for live feedback as professionals from some favorite Disney Channel television and shows, review and critique their work. Importantly, this also provides a safe outlet for expressing positive social experiences and building confidence with their peers.